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  • thermogenic probiotic supplement designed to provide multi-symptom relief for women going through all stages of menopause
  •  This menopause supplement bundle is 100% natural, soy-free, gluten-free & GMO-Free. Hormone & estrogen free
  •  Effectively boost metabolism, cool hot flashes & feel like yourself again

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Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic supplement designed to provide relief for women going through all stages of menopause. Feel like yourself again with this multi-symptom relief formula. Provitalize aims to cool hot flushes and effectively boost metabolism.

Product Benefits

2 capsules a day can improve gut health, soothe indigestion, manage menopausal weight gain and ease bloating. Night sweats are kept at bay by the natural herbs in each capsule. Inflammation is reduced and joint pains eased

Just 2 capsules a day helps you manage menopausal weight gain, improve gut health, soothe bloating and indigestion. Natural herbs keep night sweats at bay, ease inflammation and joint pains.


Thermogenic Probiotic blend – L.Gasseri, B.Breve, B.Lactis. 68.2 billion CFUs per serving.

L.Gasseri is a thermogenic probiotic that supports fat reduction and prevents fat accumulating around the stomach.

B.Breve is a thermogenic probiotic that manages body fat, lowers inflammation and improves metabolism.

B.Lactis is a thermogenic probiotic that aids to keep cholesterol, inflammation and weight at healthy levels.

Turmeric Curcumin standardized to 95% curcuminoids – anti-inflammatory benefits

100% organic Moringa Oleifera leaf extract – packed with minerals and vitamins to lower inflammation and improve metabolism

Pure Curry Leaf extract – rich in vitamins and nutrients to manage digestion, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Bioperine black pepper extract, Sunflower Lecithin Booster, DRCaps – all natural boosters designed to help increase the formula uptake and fight stomach acid.

Dietary Information

100% natural. Hormone & estrogen free. Soy-free. Gluten-free & GMO-Free. 

When will Provitilize start acting on my body?

Since every person has a different body, individual results can differ. The probiotics normally take 6 to 8 weeks to properly affect the gut, while some customers have reported early weight-related weight loss as early as 2 weeks.

For you to benefit from Provitalize, we advise giving it a try for 8 weeks.

However, following their initial consumptions, the majority of clients typically report:

-Reduced desire for junk food

-Improved self-control over appetite

-More energy for exercise

-Improved digestion

-Less inflammatory pain in joints and other areas

-Positive results in areas including the skin, hair, or nails

Does Provitalize have any side effects? 

There have not been reported significant negative effects from using Provitalize.

Provitalize is created with premium, all-natural components and has passed safety tests to be consumed. It was designed to be stimulant-free, making it suitable for long-term use.

Due to its high strength, a small amount of bloating may occur for certain users at first. As your body adjusts, this is typical and normally goes away after a few days.

However, if you have any negative effects, please stop using it and see a doctor. We advise sharing your interest in using our supplements with your doctor if you take medication or have a medical problem.

Generally speaking, you must to stick to the daily intake of 2 capsules. Numerous users of this dosage have reported longer-lasting effects, particularly when used over an extended period of time, such as better weight management, decreased inflammatory discomfort, and improved gut health.

Does Provitalize include any of the following allergens: soy, gluten, dairy, peanuts, shellfish?

No, none of the above components or allergies are included in Provitalize. As a result, it accommodates the majority of diets, including keto, vegan, kosher and paleo.

I’m following a diet (Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Kosher, etc.). Should i still take Provitalize?

Yes. Provitalize is actually highly advised for persons following such diets because it improves nutritional absorption from food, helping you get closer to your weight and health goals.

On these diets, a number of our clients have noticed more noticeable advantages from Provitalize, like better weight management and more energy.


Can Provitalize be used to treat thyroid issues?

Some users of Provitalize said that their thyroid issues had improved, and they felt more energised, had less bodily aches, and began to lose weight.

Provitalize is generally not known to interact significantly with thyroid medicines. But in order for your doctor to change your prescriptions appropriately, you should let him or her know that you want to use Provitalize.

Does Provitalize include any stimulants, such as caffeine?

We only use natural, open-sourced products, so all information about them may be seen on our website and on their labels.

Because of this, many of our customers are able to take Provitalize daily and benefit from a better physique over time.

Is it safe to consume if I am breastfeeding or pregnant?

Prior to starting Provitalize, please speak with your doctor, who is more familiar with your health situation. Nevertheless, Provitalize is generally safe to take while nursing or pregnant.

I have medical issues, and I take medication. Can I still take Provitalize?

Please let your doctor know if you are interested in taking Provitalize or other supplements if you are taking medication, pregnant, or have any other medical conditions.

Provitalize has effective anti-inflammatory properties. Provitalize should not be taken if you are using NSAIDs, blood thinners, or Cox2-inhibitors. Instead, talk to your doctor before taking Provitalize.


The Therapeutic Goods Association has not reviewed these assertions. This item is not meant to be used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease. The fitness and weight reduction testimonies given are specific to the people pictured, therefore they can’t be guaranteed, and they shouldn’t be taken as normal. Every customer testimonial on this website is from a real person who utilized Provitalize or one of the diet suggestions provided. No one received payment for their endorsement or testimony.

The consumer provided their own self-reported results, including weight, body fat percentage, circumference measures, etc. Any outcomes mentioned in testimonies, commercials, tales, blog posts, articles, forums, or anywhere else on this website or any of our affiliated websites should be taken with a grain of salt. Depending on the body type and other variables, results may differ from person to person.

Provitalize should not be taken with NSAIDs, blood-thinners, or Cox2-inhibitors due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Before taking Provitalize or any of our products, please talk to your doctor if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.

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Allergen Information

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Shellfish Free, Dairy Free



  1. rona seeton

    starting 2nd bottle

    I have dealt with mood swings, bloating and going thru menopause since i was 25 and i’m 54 right now. I’m fixing to start my 2nd bottle and i have been feeling better and know the 2nd bottle will help me even more.

    2 people found this helpful

  2. anne

    Worked well for me

    Almost through my 2nd bottle. Am seeing results. Flatter belly, less bloating. Best perk has been the increased energy. Get through my day with much more perk! Pricey but worth it if it produces the promised results. This has for me!

    4 people found this helpful

  3. SLS

    Everyone’s body is different

    First let me say this, I am very skeptical when it comes to products making promises and guarantees. Everybody’s body is different, so what works for one may not work for another. I am 51 years old and in very good health and in pretty good physical condition. When I turned 50, everything changed. I started menopause, my joints started aching, I gained 25 pounds, the night sweats started, the hot flashes, and the constant mood swings took over my life. I have been taking these pills for 7 days and I can honestly say that the night sweats and hot flashes have eased up and I have finally gotten a good night sleep. I have also noticed my appetite has decreased and I’m not as bloated. I’m getting a little pain relief, so I’m hoping that improves with continued use. I haven’t experienced weight lose but if I do that will be a plus. I don’t know if this will work for you but if you buy it from their site, you are offered a 90 day money back guarantee. So what’s the harm in trying it. What if it works? You are relieved of some of your problems. If it doesn’t work, return it and get your money back. I suggest you do your research, talk to your doctor and get to know your body and what works for it.

    210 people found this helpful

  4. Diana Fredette

    Pain relief

    I was taking this for months and stopped due to cost. I noticed my arms, shoulders, back and hot flashes returned. I stopped taking them for about 3 weeks and noticed my pain was getting worse and the hot flashes. I started buying them again and no more hot flashes and some of my pain is manageable again. Wish it was so expensive but it works.

    One person found this helpful

  5. PatNat

    I’ve experienced changes with Provitalize

    I have been using this product for 4 weeks and I DO sleep much better, my hot flashes at night decreased 100%, and I lost a couple of pounds. I’m 54. I will start a healthier diet and do more cardio, and I am confident I will get to lose a few more lbs. (I just want to lose 10). I am getting to feel better, less joint pain, so I will purchase the second bottle. This is working for me so far!

    14 people found this helpful

  6. Amazon Customer

    It help me with hot flashes and night sweats.

    This helped with the hot flashes and night sweat.

  7. Allison

    Great product

    I’ve only used it for 49 days so I will continue it for another 60 and see how it does.

  8. Cereza

    Amazing product

    I just started Provitalized 5 days ago, I have lost 1lb and my stomach is not as hard. But the real noticeable result for only taking this supplement for 5 days is I have noticed that joint pain in my feet, ankle, knees, neck and lower back are gone. Menopause has done a number with weight gain, joint pain, night sweat, and insomnia. I will update as other symptoms lessen. But since I am able to be more active I am sure with time other symptoms will start to lessen as well.

  9. Amazon Customer


    Good for pain and the price was painless.

  10. Maria Valdez

    Este producto lo recomiendo a mi me callo exelente

    Se traga suoer facil

  11. Sheri Martin

    Works great

    This is my 3rd month. Works great

  12. Raisa

    mixed feelings

    Is has a horrible smell and the flavor is a little off putting. I am still taking them and giving them a chance. The hot flashes are still there during sleep time. I still don’t see the energy. I will see if with this round things get better.

  13. beth m.


    Great product

  14. Janie White

    It doesn’t work right away. I just started less than two weeks

    I just started it hasn’t been a month yet

  15. Donna

    Saw a Difference

    I am on a second bottle of these. I have seen a difference in the bloated feeling I had been experiencing around my stomach area. I have not lost weight but it has seemed to help with halting any additional weight. I do not have as many harsh hot flashes like I was having before. I think this product is pricey so I’m not sure how long I will continue using it. I thought I’d give a second bottle a try to see how things progress.

    2 people found this helpful

  16. Nana B

    Not working yet

    I’ve used this product for 45 days. I have not noticed any of the promised effects yet and have actually gained 2 pounds.I go to the gym 3 days a week, walk daily and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I’ve read that it can take 90 days, so I’ll give it a chance.

  17. Amazon Customer


    I normally do not write reviews, but I base all my purchasing decisions on them, so I decided to write my experience.I received this product back a week ago after being told by a friend it was so helpful after her hysterectomy. I have gained almost twenty pounds in a year since my hysterectomyAfter hearing her testimony and reading reviews, I tried it. I understand it takes time for a product to work, but sometimes the side effects outweigh the wait. This is my scenario.For right at ten days, I have been taking this product. For nine days, I have awakened with a mild headache that has intensified as the day wears on. I almost could deal with that, but my joint pain has been through the roof for over a week. I initially dismissed it to trying to adjust to the time changing (day light savings time adjusting) but like my headache, the joint pain remains consistent.It is very bothersome in trying to stay focused at work when you are in pain. Also, ibuprofen, which has always worked for me, does not touch the symptoms.On the good side, my bloating is so much better, but I am weighing five pounds heavier.I have decided to stop taking this product which was a big decision when you factor the cost into the equation for a 30 day supply. I hate waste, but for me, the headaches and joint pain and not worth the potential benefit.

    7 people found this helpful

  18. Julie S.

    So far so good and optimistic about the future

    I purchased this product mostly for the relief of aches and pains as well as those “wonderful” heat flashes that we all just love. The day that I purchased every joint in my body ached. Today is day 4 of taking them and all I have is a stiff and mildly sore back. Last night I walked up a flight of stairs without stopping- until I reached the top and realized what had happened. I have had 2 glorious nights with no night sweats. Just peaceful sleep.I follow the instructions on the bottle and take the dose first thing upon waking up. This is making me very optimistic for any future benefits as well. I look forward to the day when the back stiffness just poofs.

    26 people found this helpful

  19. Emmy Hendricks

    It works!

    Can’t be without it!

  20. Revmadre2

    Very Mixed Reviews–Subjective Experiences Does Not Effective Prove

    I’m giving this probiotic 3 stars because I believe it is too expensive for what it promises. Additionally, it seems the experience of taking this probiotic are far ranging, highly subjective and not at all consistent enough to prove the claims it makes.Here is my subjective experience:I read through many of these reviews and decided to give this a chance. While I did not notice discernible weight loss in the beginning, I have noticed considerable shifts in appetite. I no longer have cravings, and one helping of moderately sized and well balanced meals is very sufficient. This alone is worth it to me.It is notable that I did not experience these benefits until roughly six weeks after beginning the first bottle. Wait it out before you decide. If you are eating/drinking crap with lots of sugar–including alcohol–it will take longer.I have noticed in my older years (45+) that a paleo diet with as little grain as possible encourages this probiotic to work better. Between more frequent exercise, better eating, not beating myself up about one glass of wine or a sour beer, better sleep and this probiotic I have lost about 5-8 pounds in the last month. I experienced this weight loss about six weeks after beginning this probiotic.My plan is to do six months, taper off and see if the cravings come back. IF they do, I will resume taking this probiotic.

    446 people found this helpful

  21. Busy Mom

    Emotional Relief, Better Sleep, Temperature & Weight Control

    After my hysterectomy I was looking for something to help with my major menopausal symptoms…mainly control of my emotions, control of my body temperature throughout the day and night, better sleep , and weight management.I have had success with all of the above problem areas by taking Provitalize daily over the last 7 months. I have not lost a lot of weight, but this has helped keep me from gaining weight, and I have slowly lost 4-5 pounds during those months. Emotionally, this was a God-send! The ingredients in this help balance your gut health, which direct affects your emotions! It has also helped with night sweats and overall sleep. I have also experienced more energy…not stores of energy, but more than before, which was depressingly little. I don’t notice any adverse taste when taking the 2 capsules in the morning while having my coffee. I am very pleased with this Provitalize.

    7 people found this helpful

  22. Wen

    No more night sweats

    I bought these after watching TikTok expecting them to be a farce. The probiotic is on point! I have not had any night sweats. If I keep to my Mediterranean diet ( where I wasn’t loosing weight) I find I lose weight since I am taking these. I am extremely happy with the product and will continue to purchase.

  23. Gizmo31

    It actually works!

    I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to any product that claims to alleviate symptoms for perimenopause or menopause. I am 47 and started experiencing hot flashes this year, weight is difficult to take off (well, more difficult than usual), emotions run high, etc. I was walking around with a portable fan and would use it whenever I had hot flashes. AC on full blast that my husband, who normally runs hot, would complain that it was too cold, while I was visibly flushed.I came across this product on TikTok via an ad. So, I Googled it. When I did, there were a lot of good reviews all stating that this product helped with the symptoms. Some bad, some so-so. Considering that I need/should be on probiotics anyway, I figured it would not hurt to try it. It’s been almost one month and I just signed up to the Subscribe and Save. During the time that I have been religiously taking two pills every morning (per directions) my hot flashes have stopped. My joint pain has improved. Can’t say much for weight loss, because I won’t step on the scale, but I do feel overall better. Not sure how long it will last, or if it’ll work when I officially enter menopause, but so far so good. The price – approximately $50 a month – is a bit steep, but it’s probiotics and the good ones tend to be a bit expensive. So, I am okay with it.So, if you have symptoms, give it a one month try and see if it helps. Definitely worth a try.

    37 people found this helpful

  24. CARRIE P

    Life saver !! My hot flashes were fine after 2 days and sleeping so much Better !!!

    Love love love !! Will not live life without it !

  25. Anonymous

    Works for hot flashes, but not weight gain

    So this is not a “magic” solution but it does help significantly with some pre-menopausal symptoms. Before I started taking this I had several hot flashes a day, mostly at night and when first waking up. I started taking this along with the Previtalize and I’m seeing a huge change in my hot flashes. I now only get maybe one or two per day! This was HUGE. I have not, however, seen any change in my weight, even though I’ve been excercising and eating healthy. So I would say – if you have hot flashes that bother you, give this a try!

    12 people found this helpful

  26. korir

    It works like, but don’t expect dress sizes to go down!!

    Your energy levels change and simple cravings change, it’s not a magic pill as many describe.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Taken once a day for over a year

    I’m a senior and need to take care of myself. People are astonished that I “look” young. I do take other supplements but this adds to my overall coverage.

  28. Honest Review

    It works

    No more hot flashes and my pain has eased up tremendously! I will buy again and again.

  29. moonwolf

    Gives me energy.

    I feel more energized in the mornings now and it has ramped down the hot flashes. I am also taking Meno Slim tea and I think the combination has pretty much controlled hot flashes. As for losing weight, I am not sure if this did much. I have been lifting weights 3x per week and moderately excercisibg daily, but notices my belly going down more after I started taking Hum’s Ripped Rooster and also their Flatter Me. Anyway, this products seems to be good for menopause symptoms in my opinion and it gives me more energy then other products I’ve tried.

    2 people found this helpful

  30. diama forbes

    Great product

    The knee pains, lead me to take this product. It definitely was not arthritis but rather menopause

    2 people found this helpful

  31. CWBowers

    Works for hot flashes/night sweats

    My main purpose was to relieve hot flashes and night sweats, so it works great for that. It’s also supposed to help with bloating and dropping some meno weight, which has not happened.

    One person found this helpful

  32. Melanie Gardella


    Weight loss

  33. Anonymous

    Research backs this product up

    I will try to update my review as time passes but 90 days is a long time to let someone know if a product is doing what it’s advertising. I am trying to be fair with my review, hence the three stars. Before purchasing this product I did some thorough research and science says the ingredients do work. Therefore this product should do as it states. With this said I did not purchase this product to lose weight; I could not find firm facts that support weight loss. I purchased this product for the horrific pre-menopausal symptoms I seem to be going through. I have high hopes that this product will help with the pain (mostly headaches but also all over pain), inconsistent but sharp cramping, cold chills and hot sweats, and the irritability I seem to have 3 weeks out of the month. The only relief I’ve been getting is when I’m on my period, too much information possibly but look if you are a woman you may know the struggle I’m facing.I have only been taking this supplement for one week. No changes have been noted in my symptoms. And I have already spoken to my doctor; apparently, the symptoms I’m experiencing are normal. Actually I was told that stress can increase the level of the symptoms so I’ve been seeing a massage therapist for over a year. I told my massage therapist about my struggles and she made me a blend of essential oils. Look, I’m not knocking this product but I have had better results from the essential oils than I have had with this product thus far. Immediately after my massage with essential oils the headache I’ve had for two weeks left. The day after my massage I used my oil blend and felt better in my mood and productivity. The third day of using the blend I felt like my old self. Now, how do I know it’s not the supplemental product? I skipped using my oil blend for one day and the headache, cramps, irritable mood all came back.I can’t explain it, maybe I’m full of hogwash but I have been miserable for so long that I like the immediate effects of the essential oils plus the price was 50% less than this supplemental product. I’m a young 41 year old mom of four. I want to enjoy life with my family and the symptoms I’m experiencing are wearing me down.Bottom line, this product should work to help improve symptoms due to menopause however, it may take time. I plan on continuing taking the supplement for the remaining four weeks but I’m really on the fence about purchasing more. The cost of this product is actually cheaper than other brands but $50 a month for something that may or may not work for me is a high price for me.As always, check with your doctor before trying supplements of any sort. Thank you for reading my review.

    63 people found this helpful

  34. Michelle H

    Energy Level Up! But Menobelly Did Not Improve!

    I do like this product and I did reorder BECAUSE my energy level was markedly better once I started taking the product. I have been able to exercise and go back to an active life since starting with this supplement. Sadly and unfortunately I did not experience even a few pounds of weight loss, in spite of several weeks of dieting and counting calories. And my menobelly is still there, but possibly not quite as pronounced. I did a three month trial and I did purchase 3 months more, because like I said, I have enjoyed a huge difference in how I feel in general energy level wise and that is worth it to me.

    40 people found this helpful

  35. Karen C

    Pricey diuretic

    The product did shed a couple pounds of water weight at the beginning. Honestly? I haven’t used it long enough to really feel it’s effectiveness

    One person found this helpful

  36. scaryshopper

    Works for me

    After taking this product for three months I took it for granted and stopped taking it. I noticed the difference. I just re-ordered it because it really was helping with my hot flashes and the way my stomach feels. It might even be helping with the nighttime knee pain more than I thought.

    5 people found this helpful

  37. Aisdboss

    Not what’s advertised, but has benefits

    I did NOT buy this because I thought it would help me lose weight, but was hoping it would have the right combo of ingredients to ease some of the menopause symptoms.I am just wrapping 30 days of taking it. No the weight has not melted off (didn’t expect it to), I thought I was beyond the dewey, personal summer crap, but this ( i think), or something in it seems to have triggered it – maybe, but hard to tell for sure. I just purchased a 2nd bottle. But what i did notice by the end of the first week was a bit more pep in my step. Not feeling as run down, and the need to nosh all day is way kicked back, not feeling any strong cravings which often plague me since entering menopause. It is like being PMS status all the time. So, the only really big change is taking this. But, since I am not craving, or snacking as much, and I feel a little better, I am eating a lot less, and moving a lot more, therefor eating less (haha, and still not losing weight, but again, NOT why I bought this) so for me, it has helped in the way I needed and was hoping it would. So, I am going to do it another 30 days, and see if these new adjustments continue. I will edit this review if anything major changes.So, I think you might find some benefit/relieve from some things, but as everyone experiences Meno different, it will depend for sure. This is not a miracle weight loss cure, but might help you feel better.

    89 people found this helpful

  38. Jane

    Orange Pill

    Well I’m unsure I have taken for 2 weeks and my bloat went down, joints feel better, sleeping good, suppresses hunger. But no weight difference and I have had heartburn with a little crampiness. Not sure if it’s this or not. But I will tell you the energy I’ve had has been great just don’t like the yucky feeling at night.

    4 people found this helpful

  39. S

    NO Big Results

    I’ve used this product for about 6 weeks immediately after discontinuing HRT. I did not have any return of traditional menopause symptoms such as night sweats. Initially, I lost 3 pounds, but nothing more since then. It did not reduce any “menopause belly.” I’ve used it in conjunction with a 1200-1500 calorie intake per day with 4-5 solid days of running and weight training, but still did not see any weight oriented changes.

    2 people found this helpful

  40. SS

    Helpful with mood swings…

    This has really helped me with leveling out my mood and have had some weight-loss. I have also been sleeping much better at night. I have placed another order.

  41. Lori Shaw

    Felt difference on day 2!

    I read all the reviews and did my research and decided to give this a try. I noticed a difference on DAY 2. Definitely felt like I had more energy, less appetite, and stomach did not feel so bloated. I’m excited to see how the next 28 days go. I’m so relieved with the results.

    One person found this helpful

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