Herbal Cigarettes – The tobacco free, smoking alternative

Herbal Cigarettes – The tobacco free, smoking alternative

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It’s time to quit smoking. Smoking the nasty stuff that is. Psychologically, utilising herbal cigarettes will aid you in reducing your cigarette consumption before finally putting the habit to rest. It offers an alternative to give the body ample time to remove the addictive substances whilst still engaging in the act.

Tobacco, who needs it? You may for now, but after brain training your way into smoking herbal cigarettes instead, it wont be long before you’ll be tobacco free. Our herbal cigarettes are made of selected wild herbs

Nicotine, who needs it? It takes approximately 72 hours to rid your system of nicotine after finishing a cigarette. Nicotine avoidance during this time is imperative.

Natural flavours. Our herbal cigarettes offer a delicate, neutral taste

Does not contain any addictive substances.


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