Giant Batman Balloon


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Bring on your child’s favorite superhero to life with our Batman Birthday Party Supplies. It features popular Batman characters like Mr. Freeze, Joker, and the almighty Dark Knight. Add the crime-fighting adventures to your boy’s birthday party with matching decorations and supplies, and celebrate in superhero style.

Let your decorations fly high with our greatest selection of helium party balloons. They are designed in unique colours and patterns, and are available in different shapes like letters, numbers, and even dinosaur. Add these with your other coordinating party decorations and uplift the entire décor!

Batman Airwalker Foil Balloons 110cm product details:

Size: 110cm
Packed Size: Each
Shape: Character Shaped
Inflation Type: Air or Helium fill
Airwalker Batman 91cm x 111cm Foil Balloon (Requires helium or air inflation) Each

Balloons arrive uninflated. Helium filled balloons should be tied securely to a weight that will keep them from releasing into the air. Always dispose of balloons properly.


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